BLACK MOUNTAIN is the cerebral tale of former detective LYNDSEY GAO’s unstable descent into darkness as she hunts for missing gymnastic starlet, HALEY SHANAHAN. 

After being suspended from the Boston Police Department, Gao takes refuge at as a Park Ranger at Grey Mountain National Park — a 1,200 sq. mile, densely wooded New England forest. To fight the boredom of her new job, Gao spends her days stealing guns from hunters, cooking MDMA for the local college populace, and smoking an unhealthy amount of LSD laced-joints. When the promiscuous Haley goes missing, Gao suspects kidnapping. Ignoring a direct order not to intervene, Gao mounts her own investigation. If she can find Haley’s captors, Gao will not only redeem herself, but bring to light to a heinous darkness simmers under every aspect of civilization. Helping her is a ASLAN KAHN, a Cambodian refugee, with a missing daughter of his own and KIERAN DWYER, a semi-Aspergerian FBI technician, on the verge of his own unraveling.

As the three search for Haley, they’ll uncover a deep seeded truth embedded in the upper echelons of society and ultimately meet the BEAST OF BLACK MOUNTAIN.

Season 1 of TV a Anthology






BLACK DESERT follows mixed-race BIA-officer (Bureau of Indian Affairs), REINA LONGBEAR as she investigates a bizarre death in the American Southwest. As she navigates family drama, corrupt FBI officials, white nationalists, and 100,000 festival goers, she’ll come face-to-face with a surpressed rage that has been building in her soul since the day she was born.

When the body of world-famous DJ C0.L0SSVS is found skinned alive outside a Native American Reservation days before the world’s biggest music festival, Reina is tasked with leading the investigation. Looking into the crime is proved to be all the more difficult when a jurisdiction-battle between the local tribe and the federal government ensues. Reina’s good-natured disposition is quickly chipped away as she tries to work with her estranged half-sister — the local tribe’s matriarchal leader and her half-brother — a club-drug dealer, who has rejected his Native roots. Reina teams up with VIRGIL — a half-Black, half-Mexican US Navy pilot — who has gone AWOL to find evidence of military misconduct hidden in the desert.

Season 2 of TV a Anthology




BLACK SWAMP tracks Haitian-American ISALIE MOÏSE — a wetland biologist — and Japanese SHINJU MORI — a MODU-engineer (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit) — as they investigate two seemingly separate incidences in Louisiana. The closer they come to unearthing the truth, the closer they’ll be to grasping the terror that lays in wait for the curious.

When a boat full of 19 dead refugees — caked, covered, and suffocated by crude oil — is found in the Louisiana bayou, a cover up quickly follows. During the hush-hush clean up, Isalie Moïse spots masked workers burning the dead. Recently fired from a teaching spot at LSU, she takes it upon herself to independently investigates the incident. Over in the gulf, Shinju Mori is tasked with figuring out why the largest MODU spontaneously sank killing all but two of the workers on-site.

As the two come up against powerful business and political adversaries, they will have to rely on each other to survive and ultimately discover what horrors sit beneath the surface of our oil-dependent world.

Season 3 of TV a Anthology