Dream Consultation and Training

Dream Consultation and Training

We are all pioneers. Explorers. We’ve spent the last ten thousand years exploring every inch of this plant. It’s time to turn inward, into our dreams.


Lucid dreaming is often a solo journey, but it doesn’t have to be. Our expertly trained guides can help you to build a better relationship with your dreams and find lucidity within them. One-on-one classes are completely customizable. Before any session is scheduled, you will receive a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your goals as a dreamer. 

Over the course of our sessions together, we will cover a variety of topics:

Finding lucidity in a dream allows you to take a proactive role in the adventures you have every single night.
To lucid dream is to wake up within our dreams. To have full and complete consciousness in a world that is malleable and overflowing with personal insight. Many arrive at lucid dreaming so that they can fly or sleep with celebrities, and while that understandable (and obtainable), it really is only the surface of a vast world in need of exploring. When we become lucid in a dream, we obtain the same present awareness we have in the waking world.

To reconnect with your dreams is to reconnect with yourself.
Dreams are our own personal mirror. They reflect what lives in our subconscious. When we shut out dreams (intentionally or not), we shut out a part of ourselves. We halt the ability to find deeper meaning. We are emotional creatures and can't always identify where our feelings stem from. Dreams give us an opportunity to interact with our emotions and ultimately understand them better.

Running from a nightmare is akin to running from a part of your being that desperately wants to be heard.
Nightmares can be tiresome, unpleasant, and often debilitating. They take our fears and worries and turn them into experiences we desperately want to escape. One of the most efficient ways to rid yourself of bad dreams is to lucidly confront them. You will learn early on is that the dream is a safe space, no matter how scary it might become. Working with nightmares offers us a chance to integrate and understand hidden aspects of ourselves.

The same dream for two different dreamers is anything but the same. 
You are your own dream dictionary. Dozens of books will try to tell you what your dreams mean, but at the end of the day, you are the authority. Dreams are built for the dreamer. But as we know, dreams can be confusing, murky, and just plain strange. Dream interpretation isn't about being told explicitly what your dreams mean, but about identifying dream signs and understanding how they connect to your waking life.




Every dreamer is unique and we want our time with you to reflect that. We will work with you to build a program that suits your needs and goals.


Our standard session is 45 minutes long. Enough time to dive deep into a topic, but not too long to become burnt out. Each session is fully customized for the dreamer. After each session, the dreamer will be given an assignment to focus on for the following week.

Single 45-min session — $55

Three 45-minute sessions— $150

Five 45-minute sessions — $225
(After purchasing a five-session package, all future sessions are $45 per session.)

Sessions can be in person for those in NYC & LA or over skype (or other video chat program) for anywhere else in the world. 


For the dreamer who wants more guidance between session. With daily check-ins, the instructor will call the dreamer once a day at a predetermined time for a 5-10 minute call to help with their dream-work for that week. 

Daily 5-10 minute calls — $110/week

To set up a consultation phone call or for any other inquires (speaking engagements, guest lecturer, interviews, etc.), please fill out the form below.

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