Dream Labs

Dream Labs


There is much we still do not know about dreaming and what sort of potential it holds. Being conscious within the dream state allows for new questions to be asked and examined. Who are these dream characters and what do they have to say? Can you meet other dreamers in your dreams and share an experience? How can you gain advice and guidance within a conscious dream? These questions, along with many others, will be explored online in a social experiment known as Dream Labs (dreamlabs.io).

Created by the authors of A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming : Mastering the Art of Oneironautics, this revolutionary new website dares to push the limits of dreaming. The goal of Dream Labs is to train people in the art of lucid dreaming—both beginners and experts alike—and encourage its visitors to participate in dream experiments. This online community will allow participants to test out techniques and hypotheses while in the dream world and explore topics such as shared dreaming, dream telepathy and other various lucid experiments. Dreamers then report back observations to the online community through an easy to use, state-of-the-art user interface. The findings are then analyzed and displayed for all to see. Science meets dreaming, all free and accessible to the world.

Development of the website is far along and is near completion. Expert developer Krasimir Galabov has created a dynamic and creative look to the site, as well as employing the latest in HTML5 technologies. The website seeks to build a large online community of advanced and novice dreamers. Along with their web developer, the authors have researched similar websites that pertain to lucid dreaming and developed Dream Labs to be a unique, fun destination. By the very nature of the website, users will want to visit Dream


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